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03 October 2013 @ 11:39 pm

Hello everybody!~
So it´s Smily! It has been a while since my last post.. cough.. but now i´ll make my comeback, back to the social network!!
~ (>///<)/
It was quite a lot of work to delete all this junk comments on my livejournal >__> but now it should be neat and clean again, and i´ll going to take care for it from now on >__< hihi

so follow me up on:
Tumblr -->

Youtube (I´ll re-awake my secret channel, since my "official channel" already got some strikes.. cough XD now i´m scared to upload more, so hope you guys will follow me on my "new" channel!) --> http://www.youtube.com/user/LiLaZnSmiLY

thanks for reading!(^___^)/

much love


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Puyol shot the redemption for the spanish team and brought his country to the final round. In conclusion, Spain won a deserved 1 : 0 against Germany and will be in the final round, fighting for the World Cup with The Netherlands.
Next battle will be Germany vs Uruguay, both will fight for the third place, may the best of them win and all the best to Germany!

see you, smile.
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04 July 2010 @ 08:33 pm
Hunan TV is going to remake  the popular  TV-Drama 還珠格格 Huan Zhu Ge Ge Princess Returning To Pearl.  This drama was pretty popular at the beginning of 2000 with Vicky Zhao Wei and Ruby Lin as main-actress. The remake will include all the three seasons (in the third season of the original Huan Zhu Ge Ge, the actors were nearly completed changed. The two main actress therefor has been Huang Yi and Ma Yi Li).
The maincast for the remake has already been settled and the filming will start in juni.
The main old cast

Ruby Lin and Vicky Zhao Wei in their roles

huan zhu ge ge Pictures, Images and Photos


The new cast

As for me i really hope they won´t disappointed me. Huan Zhu Ge Ge is one of the best drama for me, and i´ve grown up with this drama! i hope they won´t ruin my childhood, but still good luck for the remake. :)
the third season was a really disappointment for me by changing the whole actor-list. and also the actor-skill in the third season was more fake than touching. so hope it will be better than the third one!;)

creditsources are going to cfensi.dramaddicts.com/forum/blog.php/2010/07/03/main-cast-for-new-huan-zhu-ge-ge-released/
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10 June 2010 @ 02:11 pm
It´s really hot right now in germany, everywhere you can see poor sweating students who are seeking for a little bit ice cream. and i´m one of them. XD
i´m so glad that my school day is already over ( no sport, yay!~) so i´m right now at home and searching for some cold drinks!:D

i should really learn for ethik tomorrow, but it´s so hot, no concetration avaible!>__<
ahh, btw! i´ve got my glasses again!:DD

my teacher has found them on the stairs, he´s such a nice man, he told me he has searched for them for about 2 hours! TT_______TT
makes me feel guilty, but i´m so thankful to him!

have fun with JJ´s new cheer-mv for singapore!:D it´s really cute, and somehow the dance moves reminds me on kame-hame-ha!XD

soo, i´m going take a sun-bath on the balcony :D

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Good evenning everybody!~

it´s nearly midnight at my place right now, but i´d like to share a sneak movie preview with you guys before i´ll go to sleep.
So yesterday i´ve decided to watch the chinese movie "Spider Lilies", starring with Isabella Leong and Rainie Yang.

A little summary for you first, to get into the story.

Jade (Rainie Yang) tries to escape her loneliness by working as a web-cam girl. As a special treatment for her customers, she decides to get a tattoo, wherefore she meets the tatto artist Takeko (Isabella Leong). Jade realizes Takeko as her first love who she has lost touch and tries to get Takeko´s attention.
To save up her memories for her first love, Jade decides to get the same tattoo as Takeko has, a Spider Lilies. Takeko refuses to fullfill Jade´s wish, because of her brother Ching, who has lost his memories after an earthquake in the past. The only thing he could be able to recognize was the spider lilies tattoo on their dad´s arm before.

It´s a beautiful lesbian movie on the surface but unfortunately you might get lost in the story on account of all the side-stories (Ah Dong; Police man) who seems not to be really relevant for the main plot. This movie tries to deal with a lot of great issues, but it fails on messaging the deep meaning, it´s needless complex.

i´d give it 6 stars out of 10 stars, if i´ve got to value it. it´s still a beautiful story with some little lacks. :]


so next up to me again hahaha XD so today was my first school day after two weeks, i guess i´m still not wonted to these hard school days..ahh >__<
and i was such a lazy girl in my whole breaks..hahaha i haven´t learned for my english test on wednesday... so i´ve got to do it now. XD
and ethik test on friday..=_____= next week german, math and geography... oh my.. i guess i´ll be really busy the next few weeks....
soo wish me much of success for all my tests and see you (hopefully) "soon" on my next entry~

chu chu
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i´m really late, the livechat was already about a week ago i guess?! but everytime i was too lazy to post it up.  .__."
it was incredible to see JJ live! and he was also able to answer all our questions!<3 he even sung, beatboxed and danced for us! omona, such a holy night/morning!<3 *__*
and i´ve got to say a huuuge thank you to asti_chan ! i´ve troubled her a lot, because i was too confused, and wasn´t able to find the sign up button! hahaha XD i was like, wth... my dream to meet JJ will fail all because of the log in button?! no way!! *spam asti_chan for help* hahaha x]
thank you soo much! in the end i could log in..hahaha
and the thole chatbox was flooding with "I LOVE JJ LIN" msgs. XD

here a screenshot of this night, so you may be able to imagine the whole bizzare scenery hahaha


okay next topic, my remodifying of the layout. xD i wasn´t really satisfied with the first one, because the header hasn´t showed off at all!>_< i hope this time it will be visible.. :(
I know i´m not good at designing, because i´ve never got the desire to do it. And if i edit some pictures, it´s only surficial and i´m still not able to handle with my program. This header is only my second one and the first one was about 4 years ago?! since then i haven´t opened my program much. That´s why i´m still newbie in this genre.
I´m still have got a little bit pride! if you´d tell me, hmm this sucks because of [A] and [B] and [C] of the header should be brighter, it would be okay for me, and i´ll try my best to learn for your advice.
BUT never say "oh that´s pretty" and two seconds later "you should use other ppl´s work"! sounds awesome fake, you know?=__= why don´t you tell me instead "i don´t like it", instead of suggesting other´s work?! =.=

hmm, i´m sorry. XD i guess i´m out off topic again. hahaha anyway, i´m still not done yet with the modifying. >_< i hope it will be done soon. .__.

cheers, smile.
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25 May 2010 @ 03:52 pm
After a long time on hiatus i´ve decided to reconstruct my LJ!^-^ a new layout, new things to share and also everything about my life.
so let´s see how everything will work and thanks for reading~ =]

see yaa~

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17 January 2008 @ 06:48 pm
 Hey everybody!:D 
This is my first blog entry on LJ! x3 
My name is Thanh and I´m  proud to be vietnamese!x3 But everyone in the world-wide-web knows me as Smile!-ehehe- My favourite music is asian music, especially C-Pop and K-Pop!=) Do you know JJLin? He is soooo great!*-*
I like his style and his vocal!*-* But many people don´t like him, I can´t understand why... .___.
He is so perfect and great and cool -blablabla- loool

Okay, let´s continue with me..lool Yeah, I´m currently live in Germany and my english... sucks...lool I´m sorry...q.q" It  is really worse, hope you can understand me ..hahaha
I love to making friends around the world, so feel free to add me and comment my blog-^-^- You are always welcome!=)
take care;) 

your Smile=)
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