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02 June 2010 @ 02:30 pm
New Modifying and Meeting JJ Lin[nearly..hahaha]!<3  
i´m really late, the livechat was already about a week ago i guess?! but everytime i was too lazy to post it up.  .__."
it was incredible to see JJ live! and he was also able to answer all our questions!<3 he even sung, beatboxed and danced for us! omona, such a holy night/morning!<3 *__*
and i´ve got to say a huuuge thank you to asti_chan ! i´ve troubled her a lot, because i was too confused, and wasn´t able to find the sign up button! hahaha XD i was like, wth... my dream to meet JJ will fail all because of the log in button?! no way!! *spam asti_chan for help* hahaha x]
thank you soo much! in the end i could log in..hahaha
and the thole chatbox was flooding with "I LOVE JJ LIN" msgs. XD

here a screenshot of this night, so you may be able to imagine the whole bizzare scenery hahaha


okay next topic, my remodifying of the layout. xD i wasn´t really satisfied with the first one, because the header hasn´t showed off at all!>_< i hope this time it will be visible.. :(
I know i´m not good at designing, because i´ve never got the desire to do it. And if i edit some pictures, it´s only surficial and i´m still not able to handle with my program. This header is only my second one and the first one was about 4 years ago?! since then i haven´t opened my program much. That´s why i´m still newbie in this genre.
I´m still have got a little bit pride! if you´d tell me, hmm this sucks because of [A] and [B] and [C] of the header should be brighter, it would be okay for me, and i´ll try my best to learn for your advice.
BUT never say "oh that´s pretty" and two seconds later "you should use other ppl´s work"! sounds awesome fake, you know?=__= why don´t you tell me instead "i don´t like it", instead of suggesting other´s work?! =.=

hmm, i´m sorry. XD i guess i´m out off topic again. hahaha anyway, i´m still not done yet with the modifying. >_< i hope it will be done soon. .__.

cheers, smile.
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-M-mybluesweater on June 2nd, 2010 02:27 pm (UTC)
*____* you're so lucky you know! and i've missed the chanceeeeeee T_____T

the new layout is so pretty!!! *__* i love the banner and how you manage the lines, words.. gah.. anything u call that LOL
the typography looks nice! <3
lil_aznsmily: 7th day bosco natalielil_aznsmily on June 3rd, 2010 12:48 pm (UTC)
thank you sweetie! i´m done with your layout, bright up my life if you´re on, okay?:D
-M-mybluesweater on June 4th, 2010 05:42 pm (UTC)
ahahaha yea! im brightening your life now? XDDDD hahahahha thanks for the layout <3