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07 June 2010 @ 10:26 pm
Busy Bee and Spider Lilies Review(something like it hahaha)  
Good evenning everybody!~

it´s nearly midnight at my place right now, but i´d like to share a sneak movie preview with you guys before i´ll go to sleep.
So yesterday i´ve decided to watch the chinese movie "Spider Lilies", starring with Isabella Leong and Rainie Yang.

A little summary for you first, to get into the story.

Jade (Rainie Yang) tries to escape her loneliness by working as a web-cam girl. As a special treatment for her customers, she decides to get a tattoo, wherefore she meets the tatto artist Takeko (Isabella Leong). Jade realizes Takeko as her first love who she has lost touch and tries to get Takeko´s attention.
To save up her memories for her first love, Jade decides to get the same tattoo as Takeko has, a Spider Lilies. Takeko refuses to fullfill Jade´s wish, because of her brother Ching, who has lost his memories after an earthquake in the past. The only thing he could be able to recognize was the spider lilies tattoo on their dad´s arm before.

It´s a beautiful lesbian movie on the surface but unfortunately you might get lost in the story on account of all the side-stories (Ah Dong; Police man) who seems not to be really relevant for the main plot. This movie tries to deal with a lot of great issues, but it fails on messaging the deep meaning, it´s needless complex.

i´d give it 6 stars out of 10 stars, if i´ve got to value it. it´s still a beautiful story with some little lacks. :]


so next up to me again hahaha XD so today was my first school day after two weeks, i guess i´m still not wonted to these hard school days..ahh >__<
and i was such a lazy girl in my whole breaks..hahaha i haven´t learned for my english test on wednesday... so i´ve got to do it now. XD
and ethik test on friday..=_____= next week german, math and geography... oh my.. i guess i´ll be really busy the next few weeks....
soo wish me much of success for all my tests and see you (hopefully) "soon" on my next entry~

chu chu
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isabonitaisabonita on June 10th, 2010 10:17 pm (UTC)
ich hab den film leider erst 1x gesehn, und das hat mir auch geeicht
ich fand ihn einfach nur komisch, u wie du schon gesgat hast, ich bin ned hinterher gekommen
rainie ista ber so toll, ich liebe sie einfach <3
lil_aznsmily: aclil_aznsmily on June 11th, 2010 06:20 pm (UTC)
ich hab´s jezz auch nur einmal angeschaut, und hatte mir eigl mehr davon versprochen, weil´s doch ´n award bekommen hat. :( hätt iwie besser sein können, die konnten gar nicht alles umsetzen was sie angefangen haben. >.<
rainie war so knuffig drinnen!*__*